April 19th - Aviva Premiership Match

Anonymous: Could you possibly make a gif set of Jesy doing funny things or something like that?

of course! i’ll try posting it tonight xx

cupofnelson: Hii, I'm on my phone so I don't know if this is in your FAQ or not but what font do you use on your gifs? Like the one you made of the Little Mix Summary?

I always use ‘Calibri’ xx

Time to soundcheck #Salute with our #MixMen@randallwatson_ @claudimar1 @rycardogomez and@mikeyfrome"

"I would defend the girls til the end.”

When I was a little bean, the top of my Christmas list was always the best Barbie doll I could get, cause me mam would always get us a Cindy doll and I wasn’t having any of it, I wanted Barbie. Every year she’d get me a Cindy doll and I wanted Barbie!!!


Amazing, look at the energy and passion