Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. It also is strongly associated with sincerity and calmness.

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Excited for another day of writing at studio… We be smashing those hits out for you mixers! 😜😜😜 sit tight! Leigh x 

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Perrie loooooves food

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@jesymix14: @perrieeele when u get writers block what do u do………. Let me take a selfie ;)/"Oh go on then just a peck" ;)/"Noooo please stop I have a boyfriend"

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Little Mix and their amazing dance moves.

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Little Mix for VEVO Lift.

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If you want to be a singer or a performer or absolutely anything in the world that you want to do, I think you should never give up, you should never let anyone put you down and tell you you can’t do it, because if you believe in yourself you will go far”

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